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We buy our packaging in large quantities to obtain the best price per item for our business.

For small companies, start ups, or private individuals wanting to buy just a few at a time, it normally works out to be very expensive per item to buy the smaller quantities that you actually need.

Bought on mass, as we do, pallets of folded cardboard boxes and drums of bubble wrap also take up a huge amount of space, which many people just don't have.

With the benefit of the numbers we buy, we can offer you the smaller quantities that you need at realistic prices.

To get these prices, all you need to do is collect the boxes and bubble wrap from our warehouse facility near Clophill, Mid Bedfordshire. We are just off the A6 half way between Luton and Bedford.

Please contact us on or 01525 888295 to arrange a visit.

 Our Website is now Mobile Friendly. Now you can also browse and purchase with ease from your mobile.

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