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Arcadia Slim-Line T5 Luminaire

The new Arcadia Slim-line T5 luminaire are a plug and play High Output T5 fitting to power-up our D3 and D3+ T5 lamps.
They come with an inbuilt reflector and THE LAMP IS INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!! We are including a D3+ lamp. The ballast is internal to the fitting and they only have one lead going into the enclosure. This lead is removable for ease of fitting. They have a very simple metal clip fitting system. Simply screw one screw through the fitting into the vivarium for both brackets. Then clip the unit into place, it really is a very easy fitting method. These unit can also be rested on top of mesh Vivariumís safely.
The units are available in three sizes made to fit 2ft 3ft and 4ft Vivariumís
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