Arcadia Euro Range T8 Lamps

The new Arcadia Euro Range are available in Forest 5% UVB and Desert 10% UVB. They are high quality flourescent lamps, bringing you the same German-made quality you've come to expect from Arcadia but at a fraction of the price.

Most reptiles need UVB exposure in order that the vitamin D3 can be converted in calcium, allowing the reptile to develop healthy bone structure.

The Euro Range will last an estimated nine months - three months longer than most of the cheaper brands.

For an even greater UVB capacity and lifespan we suggest upgrading to the Arcadia High Output D3 and D3+ Reptile Lamp range.


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Arcadia Euro Range Reptile T8 Lamps
Available in Forest 5% UVB or Desert 10% UVB and 5 wattages: 5.0%+ & 10.0%+ UVB for the...

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